Geriatric House Calls: Specialized Care for Older Adults

In the past, medical professionals would make house calls, but over the years this practice has become less common. However, in recent years, house calls have made a comeback in the medical community. The practice of house calls is becoming increasingly popular amongst healthcare providers and patient communities alike. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the revolutionizing healthcare trend of house calls.

1. More Accessible Healthcare

The rise of house calls offers patients who are unable to visit a clinic or hospital, such as senior citizens, new mothers, or people with disabilities, to have access to medical care without needing to leave their homes. House calls also allow medical professionals to deliver more personalized and one-on-one care in a familiar and comfortable environment for the patient. Patients with mobility issues or chronic conditions, like anyone with multiple sclerosis (MS), that make it difficult to leave home, can appreciate the ability of house calls to help them manage their symptoms.

2. Reduced Healthcare Costs

Apart from the convenience factor, geriatrics can have a significant impact on reducing the cost of healthcare. Patients with limited healthcare resources can benefit from the savings of a house call. House calls also eliminate the need for emergency room visits that may have been after hours or last resort option for some health concerns. Studies have shown that house call programs can help reduce hospital admissions and re-admissions as well.

3. Personalized Medical Care

Personalized care is essential in managing symptoms or providing preventive healthcare. In the past, doctors, and medical professionals who made house calls were able to offer personalized care to their patients. Patients can relax and let their guard down in their own home and enjoy the personalized approach tailored by their medical professionals. Doctors who make house calls can provide caring and compassionate care to their patients, which can improve a person’s health and wellbeing.

4. Decreased Wait Times

House calls allow doctors and medical professionals to cater to their patient’s needs by providing timely medical attention. Patients who need same day appointments, for instance, may find that house calls are the perfect solution. During house calls, doctors and medical professionals can attend to matters of concern without the need to wait in line or share medical attention with other patients.

5. Emergency Care

Emergencies in healthcare sometimes occur, and the ability to address these concerns promptly can save lives. In many cases, house calls can expedite much-needed medical attention. Patients with acute symptoms will enjoy an alternative to the emergency department when a house call can provide more timely treatment from a medical professional.

In short

The days of medical professionals making house calls are back, and the benefits are plenty. Patients appreciate the personalized approach to healthcare, and if you or a loved one is limited in mobility or unable to access a clinic, house calls from a medical provider may be lifesaving. Personalized care and decreased wait times are two benefits patients appreciate. House calls also offer the opportunity to manage the cost of medical care effectively. Most importantly, house calls can help patients receive timely and efficient access to emergency care. As healthcare continues to evolve, the trend of house calls is an innovative way to support patients and medical professionals alike.