Jeremy Schulman: Tips That Will Decrease Your Expenses And Increase Your Enjoyment

Whether it is your birthday, graduation day, anniversary celebration, honeymoon, or simply a pleasure trip, everyone wants to cut on travel expenses while making the most of their travel time away.

Whether you are traveling to a nearby destination or going on a longer vacation, below are some useful tips that will not only help you with your travel planning and journey but also decrease your expenses and increase your enjoyment.

Do Some Planning Before You Go

Make a list of places that you’re interested in visiting, and research them on the internet. You can find out what kind of activities are available at each location, and how much they cost. This will help you plan your budget and determine what you can afford to spend on activities.

Book With A Budget In Mind

You don’t have to splurge on every part of your trip if it means staying on budget. Try searching for affordable options instead of traditional hotels if they fit your itinerary better — they often cost less than half as much per night while offering similar amenities (or even more).

Use Your Miles Wisely

If you have miles from an airline or hotel chain, Jeremy Schulman try taking advantage of them for a free flight or stay. They can also be used for upgrades and other special offers like lounge access or early boarding. If you don’t have any miles saved up yet, consider signing up for a credit card that earns points in rotating categories that you can use toward travel expenses like flights, hotels, and cruises.


If you want to have a vacation that happens fast, is filled with peace, and is a pleasure to pay for, then these tips can help. You can indeed enjoy an entire vacation without necessarily spending any money on meals or transportation, but sometimes it’s just easier and more convenient to do so.

Hopefully, this list of tips by Jeremy Schulman will make your next trip even better than the last.