Pick The Right Dental Hygiene Products By Dr. Philip Sobash

Dental care products can be overwhelming, if you’re someone who cares about their oral hygiene, you might have a drawer full of dental hygiene products, but the right combination of tools and products can be very beneficial in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.
We know that shopping for dental hygiene products can seem overwhelming, so we created this guide to help you choose which products are best for you.
Fluoride Toothpaste
Fluoride toothpaste is the most effective way to prevent cavities, and it can also help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and other dental problems.
Fluoride is a mineral that’s found naturally in water and soil. When used as a dental product, fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by making enamel more resistant to acids produced by bacteria that cause decay.
Fluoride, according to Dr. Philip Sobash , also strengthens teeth by remineralizing areas where minerals have been lost due to wear or damage caused by acidic foods and drinks such as soda.
There are three main types of toothbrushes: plastic, wood or bamboo and soft or medium bristles, and the size and shape of your head can vary greatly as well.
For example, some people prefer a small head because it allows them to get into tighter spaces between their teeth like on the side while others prefer larger heads because they feel like it helps them brush better overall by covering more surface area in one stroke.
If you have sensitive gums or if you’re prone to bleeding gums when brushing too hard, then choose soft bristles instead of medium ones since they won’t irritate your gums as much.
You may also want some sort of angled head on your brush if this is an issue for you and this helps keep those hard-to-reach spots clean while still being gentle enough on your mouth at the same time.
How Often Should I Replace My Toothbrush
This depends on how well maintained yours was kept before use; ideally every six months would be best but realistically most people don’t change theirs out until closer towards nine months.
So don’t fret about this too much unless something seems wrong with yours during daily use such as extreme weariness caused by poor maintenance habits over time then maybe consider changing sooner rather than later just in case. Click here Dr. Philip Sobash.